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The Foresight Project's educational programs on climate change, clean technology and sustainable energy are both innovative and unique in being able to reach all high school students, regardless of their previous interest.  Finding a way for students and teachers to incorporate learning within the constraints of their existing curricula, on a real-time basis, is a critically important task if we are to overcome the inertia that dominates our country on finding and implementing solutions to these critical iissues.

Please help us in this task!

Where Does the Money Go?  Even a "Bare-bones" grass roots program needs money in order to continue.  And, as we have learned from so many examples, even the smallest contributions add up to big possibilities. 

Here is what your donation can provide:


    $2.00:   A certificate for a CleanTech awardee (middle school or high school)

   $15.00:   A "Visionary in Residence" t-shirt for an awardee (middle school or high school)

   $25.00:   Transportation to a Regional Science Fair and awards reception (There are 12!)

   $50.00:   Website hosting for three months (such a deal!)

  $100.00:   Cash Award to  one project at each of the of six Regional High School Fairs

  $150.00:   Cash Awards at the Middle-School State Fair

  $250.00:   Cash Awards at the High-School State Fair


    $5.00:   Food for one person at awards reception

   $15.00:   A "Visionary in Residence" t-shirt for each awardee or team member

   $50.00:   Website hosting for three months (still a deal!)

   $75.00:   Cash award to a Second Ranking Team

  $125.00:   Cash award to a First Ranking Team

  $200.00:   Cash award to a First Place Entry

And Don't Forget the Overhead on Direct Program Expenses:

  $100.00:   One month's utility bills for fax, internet and phone

  $200.00:   Press Release through PR Newswire (ideally six per year -- 15% discount! -- $1,000 total)

  $500.00:   Announcement to all teachers in Massachusetts through MDR educational service

Plus Administration:

   $50.00:    One month's charge for donation processing and newsletter services

  $200.00:    One month's book-keeping and report monitoring

  $500.00:    Workshops and memberships

 $1,000.00:    Insurance (yes, we need it too!)

 $1,500:00:   Tax preparation and accounting (the IRS has lots of rules to keep us true to our mission.)

And then there is the wish list:

    $300.00:  One month's rent for an office space

 $1,000.00:   Membership in professional organizations

 $1,500.00:   Attendance and travel to a national conference on Education or Sustainable Technology

And, by the way, did we mention wages, salaries, and maybe health care benefits??

If you have a special place that you want your donation to go, please specify it via the program designation and the dedication comments.

And, thank you for your support -- reaching these students, their peers, families and communities, is only possible with your help!

You may make a donation through the Groundspring "Donate Now" button, or send a check directly to:

   The Foresight Project

Box 874

Ayer, MA  01432

The Foresight Project is a registered 501(c)3, and all donations are fully deductible to the extent allowed by law.  IRS Confirmation Letter.